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  • Matsusaka Momen

    • Matsusaka Momen?

      Matsusaka Momen is a cotton fabric and is also designated as designated traditional craftwork of Mie prefecture.
      The beautiful indigo color of Matsusaka Momen that prevailed Edo (Time Period) seems to be said to be well suited to the color of Japanese skin.
      Matsusaka City there are institutions that can experience this Matsusaka Momen Weaving Cloth experience, and experiential events that can try on kimono made with Matsusaka Momen are being held.
    • History of Matsusaka Momen

      Matsusaka Momen was prevalent as a fashionable casual clothes among the common people Edo (Time Period) the Edo (Time Period).
      Beautiful shades with vertical stripes in indigo · Firm material was also a luxury item at the time when thrift orders were in.
      Among Echigoya known for No Cash Discount or Sell on Credit ( Sell at Fixed Prices ), it is said that it sold Ise Cotton at that time as a main product of "Echigoya Mitsui Kimono Shop" which is the origin of Mitsukoshi, and has become a foundation of Matsusaka Businessman development. .
    • Matsusaka Momen souvenir·Experience

      Tourist facilities which can experience such as Matsusaka Momen Blue Dyeing and Weaving Cloth, and then introduce a shop that sells Matsusaka Momen

      ■Matsusaka City History and Folk Customs Museum
      Matsusaka Castle Ruins Museum is located in the site of Matsusaka Castle Ruins, and was built in 1895.
      The building itself is a registered tangible cultural asset, and in addition to Matsusaka Momen, materials on Matsusaka Businessman are displayed.

      ■Matsusaka Cotton Hand Weaving Center
      Matsusaka Momen addition to selling Matsusaka Momen products, we also hold events such as Weaving Cloth experience and Blue Dyeing experience.
  • Other tourist attractions

    • Hata Dono Shrine ( Hata Dono Jinja )

      The two shrines in the Eastern part of Matsusaka City Hatadono District in the Eastern part of Matsusaka City Hatadono District, Kanhatorihatadono Shrine Kanomihatadono Shrine generic name of.
      It is a shrine deeply related to the fabric.